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  • snowball_in_hell


    March 10, 2015, 9:07 pm

    Do you feel pawnshops contribute to crime?

    I ask because my lawnmower was stolen by a crackhead. When the police caught him, I had to go to the pawnshop to pick up my property and the clerk at the counter had to page through 15 computer screens of his pawn tickets (lawnmowers, chain saws, tools, etc.) to find mine. (I'm like: "At what point does it become obvious this person is fencing stolen property, especially when he presents 18 lawnmowers in one week?") The pawnshop's response was "we operate within the law."

    I feel their "blind eye" to obvious illegal activity, and taking advantage of people (he got $11 for my $225 nearly-new lawnmower) is criminal in itself.



  • a0t0f


    March 10, 2015, 4:58 pm

    Okay, I'll try to be more descriptive. I don't care about user ChrisMcKormick very much or his mother. It's sad when a loved one dies. However, insomuch as this is an internet-based community of anonymous or semi-anonymous users, and we all seem to enjoy it being such, I would prefer if people didn't try to make it a source of attention whoring. Admittedly the grief over a family member is not exactly whoring, but announcing your grief to thousands of people you don't know and who don't know you doesn't accomplish much and it isn't very interesting. I'd prefer if people kept in mind reddit's catch phrase which I feel should be reflected upon before each link's submission (what's new online).

    There are very kind and caring people on reddit and I'm glad that this is true, but I think sometimes it can be stifling to the content flow of the site for everyone who has something mundanely unique about themselves to post it in a self post so as to feel like they're a well known or respected individual in the community.

    Granted also that this is just my opinion of how the community should work and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However if those who share my point of view should find themselves fed up with what in our opinion amounts to spam, and we express this irritation, that someone listen to us instead of trying to mock us with some smart-assed observation that we made a comment and therefore somehow care beyond a threshold that magically negates our point and the submission is henceforth validated.


  • LWRellim


    March 11, 2015, 1:02 am

    >...we would be giving up control of our currency

    Well, I'm not certain who exactly you are defining as the "we" in that sentence, but "We" (as in the people of the US) have not had any "control" over our currency since 1913.

    And as the primary reason that the world chose to make the US Dollar the "reserve currency" under the Bretton Woods agreement was that it WAS (at the time) convertible into gold at a fixed ratio at $35 per ounce. The expectation of the world was that it would remain so, period.

    Nixon reneged on that in August of 1971 when he (supposedly "temporarily") closed the gold window and arbitrarily ended that convertibility. In essence, buy that act, he unilaterally "broke" the Bretton Wood agreement. And since then that convertibility has never been officially reinstated, in part because the Fed in collusion with the US government has wanted to hide (from the world BUT more importantly the US citizens) the true extent to which they have devalued the dollar. (Officially it was "revalued" from the initial $35 per ounce, to $42 per ounce [plus change], with several aborted attempts to "revalue" it shortly thereafter to slightly higher figures... which were eventually abandoned when it was realized that the figure would need to climb MUCH higher and the public confidence would be shattered by it and a "panic" would probably result.

    Long story short is that NO ONE has "control" over "their" currencies any longer -- the whole damn system IN ALL countries has become so "F'd" up that no one really has any clue what ANYTHING is actually worth anymore (in terms of any currencies) -- TPTB realize this, but have all essentially agreed to play "lets pretend" and along with several rounds of 3-card monty games with the gold reserves (we haven't even had a REAL audit of US gold reserves in DECADES -- we have no idea whether Fort Knox [or the NYC Fed vault] contains gold bars, or gold-painted bricks, or is completely empty -- nor do we know whether any gold that MAY be there has actually been "sold" or "leased" to someone else via backroom deals).

    Thus we have the current situation... bordering on the edge of a knife, playing "confidence" (i.e. "con") games with everyone and everything. (Listen with perked ears whenever you hear Bernanke talk about "confidence" and it's importance to the Fed... then realize that his REAL fear of an audit is that the "confidence" WILL be lost -- now if the gold was ACTUALLY still there, why would he have any fear of that? An audit would just CONFIRM the reality... one would only demand confidence and fear an audit if the audit were to reveal a LIE, and a damn BIG one at that).

    Regardless... eventually the gig will be "up" and the "lets pretend" games will be shattered.

    When THAT happens, the only currency (or currencies) that will be dependable will be the ones that demonstrate a SOLID and FIXED convertibility to a specific "precious" asset (gold would do, but so would oil or some other commodity -- something that CANNOT be "gamed" or "faked" or "counterfeited").

    Because NO ONE will have ANY confidence in anyone's "word" ever again -- not for GENERATIONS.

    But make no mistake -- "we" the people -- the people and businesses who hold and use and DEPEND upon currencies to make our exchanges meaningful and functional -- we all LOST "control" of our currencies long, long ago.

    And we've been at the "mercy" of the games-players ever since.

    THAT should scare the shit out of anyone and everyone.


  • mooli


    March 11, 2015, 12:29 am

    Ok, so I've watched the relevant part.

    I might just be totally misunderstanding, but he's basically describing the incredibly simple way he could test this - which is exactly the same way that you would test it if you were using mock objects and IoC, except he rubbishes that as complicated and ill-thought out or something.

    It comes across to me thus (paraphrasing):

    "I don't know how you'd test this with all that over-complicated injection and mock object nonsense, but it doesn't matter, because this would be really easy to test just by injecting into this some mock array of booleans..."


  • pensaint11


    March 10, 2015, 3:09 pm

    now this is one of the rudest things ive ever done, but because i was quite drunk and remember nothing about it, i figure it falls into the "somoene else" category.

    apparently, one night in town a girl i know was at a bar on a rather awkward date, and was relieved when she saw someone she knew (me), who could alleviate some of her pain.

    anyway, she came over with her date

    her: hi!

    me (very, very drunk): who the f**k are you?

    her: um, its k****

    me: how the hell do you spell that?

    her:, k-

    me, interrupting: well of course you spell it with a f**king k!

    date: ......

    at which point i apparently walked off.

    strange thing is, i've known this girl for years, and have always known how to spell her name


  • itsclearimhappy


    March 10, 2015, 9:10 am

    Hey, I saw that you asked this yesterday but couldn't reply in time. Now that I'm finally at a computer again, I have to say that, while I can agree with most of what Jibberwalk has said, I still am so content with the way the rest of my life aligned (even though I'm a social hermit) that I wouldn't change it. I feel like... if I were brimming with confidence all the time, well, for *me*, that would have changed entirely too much, and I'm unsure of whether that road would've been a good one.

    I guess that... The other aspects of my life were so pleasing, that if I didn't have acne to worry about and become irrational and insecure over, I might not have, say, invested so much time into... getting good grades, or attempting to educate myself as much as possible outside of school. And I might not have been as understanding of a person as I am now. I might not have become as close to my parents and siblings as I am now, as they were the only ones I felt true comfort around due to knowing they wouldn't judge me because of my skin. Lastly, I wouldn't have experienced the gratefulness that I'm experiencing now, to be *free* of acne's social chains.

    I know that sounded dramatic, but damn it, that's how I feel!


  • Convicted


    March 10, 2015, 6:09 am

    First, he had an ounce of cocaine including the vials and baggies they found on him. It all gets weighed together, odds are it was a lot less. If it was an ounce, it was apparently on the low end. It sounds like he only had a few grams of actual cocaine/crack.

    As to weed, at no point does it say he had a pound. He had it in a gallon bag, sure, but I never saw anything that said he had a pound. That the smaller amounts were in the tied up corners of sandwhich bags implies they must have been pretty small quantities. Someone who is selling quarter ounces of brick weed and small quantities of E is not a big time drug dealer. That's genuinely small-time shit. Wholesale on e is only a couple of dollars a pill once you're over 1k, so that was not really worth much more than an ounce or two of meth or coke.

    Of course, he cooperated fully with the police, which is the real reason he is free. Ironically enough, the vindictive shithead who wrote that actually gets in a huff about his cooperation:

    >"He had bought the drugs in Atlanta and that he would give up the name of the supplier if the fed's would take considerable time off his sentence." Alex Rochester already had two warrants out for his arrest at the time of this arrest. Apparently Daddy never taught him to keep his mouth shut when the cops show up because Alex Rochester squealed like a little pig.

    This sounds like one of the most standard cases I have ever heard. He got caught with a bunch of stuff and cooperated. He apparently gave up the name of someone capable of supplying thousands of tabs of e, that actually is worth something in terms of cutting a deal. Then he went to rehab, which it sounds like he needed since that coke/crack sounds like it was his personal stash.

    Oh, and if you think the blog author isn't a vindictive shithead....

    >However, I have a plan to make sure the majority of the citizens of Clay County and Coosa County are made aware of what has happened. I won't say what that plan is because I want it to be a really nasty surprise for the Rochester family. Don't want to spoil the anticipation for them.

    Yeah great, a guy fucks up, pays his due, and now some internet vigilante, tough-guy decides he wants to fuck with the guys life. I'm curious if the blog author was bullied by this guy as a kid or something, because his vindictiveness is utterly counter to the stated aim of the blog, which emphasizes that addicts need treatment, not prison.

    >If that is the case then we will soon find ourselves facing a treatment crisis, not unlike the prison overcrowding crisis, where marijuana consumers, who are not addicts in need of intervention, take up all the treatment space and resources needed for those with real addictions to prescription narcotics, crack cocaine, methamphetimine and alcohol.

    What a shitstain of a blogger.


  • plzhelp


    March 11, 2015, 6:23 am

    What are you talking about? I made no argument about his guilt, innocence, potential punishment, etc... I was responding to the "Demand creates supply" comment.

    Rather than having a witch hunt mentality, we should give this guy his day in court. Does he have a few bath time photos on his computer? Are there photos of him raping kids? Has he spent thousands of dollars on hard core CP sites? All three of those scenarios are different and need to be treated differently.

    There are still so many questions that are unanswered. Yet you don't seem to care about the answers, you've already made your mind up.


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